About This Blog

Thank you for stopping by!

I am glad that you are taking an interest in getting to know more about this blog.

Without taking much of your time, I want to tell you why I started this blog.

Purpose Of This Blog

Do you know – there are 10,20,000 results pages for “digital marketing blog” on Google, and this numbers is increasing every day.

Some of these blogs are managed by Digital Marketing rockstars like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Barry Schwartz, Rand Fishkin, Ryan Deiss, Larry Kim, etc

These influential blogs are treasure trove of information when it comes to Digital Marketing trends, strategies, guides, & learnings.


As a beginner you would often feel overwhelmed following all these blogs, due to the sheer quantity (and complexity) of some of the articles on these blogs. We all feel more productive and comfortable following one source of knowledge that guides you, makes your smarter and give you a friendly hand to achieve mastery over digital marketing concepts & strategies.

Not to forget, If you are an expert, you want to learn the advance strategies and frameworks to ace digital marketing and drive amazing results. But following so many blogs can become a hassle, especially, if you spend a lot of your time on your work-related commitments.

I am no rockstar of Digital Marketing. Nor I am an influencer. I am YOU.

I started my Digital Marketing journey 2 years back and today through sheer hard work and persistence, I have come a long way in my Digital Marketing journey.

But I consider myself to be a lifelong learner with ‘Day 1’ mindset. So I don’t feel I am an expert. I still have miles to go and tons of campaigns, experiments, failures and achievements to make myself a better marketer.

I have walked the path that some of you are taking right now. And currently on the path that some of you are on. I can share my experiences and things I have learnt.

I have learnt Digital Marketing the hard way, spending 5000+ hours actively learning, implementing, failing, re-learning, re-implementing, so on and so forth.

I have till now spent $4000+ on my learning through various courses, certifications and bootcamps. And I plan to keep investing on my  growth and development to build my knowledge and experience in this arena.

On this blog, I plan to publish everything I have learnt in easy to follow guides. There is no concept you won’t be able to master in easy-to-understand format.

Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

Everything that I have learnt over the years, I will share it on this blog so that you can spend less time on reading 1000s of blogs and more time on actually implementing and building your experience.

Hence, the purpose of this blog is to be your one-stop-destination for all things digital marketing to support you in your journey to become an awesome Digital Marketer.

I have just started the journey of this blog and building the content in a way that you will be able to build your foundation well before you leap forward to achieve greater heights.

People who have already achieved their mastery over basics and have been working their way through the Digital Marketing wilderness for some time now, will be able to learn something new or can write for the blog (connect with me for this) or engage and collaborate with the Digital Marketing community .

Who am I?

I am a self-taught digital marketer who loves to build funnels of traffic and help organizations achieve fast business growth by gaining customers at profitable ROIs. I deeply understand Google Ads, Facebook Ads platforms and have above average understanding of Search Engine Optimization. I have a growth-mindset towards life and I invest a lot of my time, energy and money in continuing my learning journey to become the best Digital Marketers out there.

Posy my MBA, I have spent years on the field, selling & marketing the traditional way. With the e-commerce booming post 2012, I joined an e-commerce startup, now a Walmart Company, yes – talking about Flipkart. Spent 4 years at this awesome company and learnt the ropes of e-commerce business, product launches, business development and marketing.

Fascinated at how companies use Digital Marketing strategies to build their business, I felt the need to master Digital Marketing and build my own businesses 🙂

I like adventure (completed my Advanced Scuba Diver certification).

I am also a Healthy lifestyle evangelist (completed my Yoga Practitioner Certification).

I love exploring new places, bike rides, local cuisines.

My life motto is: Never Never Give Up

Again, Thank you for stopping by and reading about this blog.

Welcome and let us together grow to become best digital marketers out there.

Abhinav Garg

The ‘Day 1’ Digital Marketer