Have you decided to pursue a career in digital marketing?

Do you want to build your career in a high-growth industry that respects high-skill sets and creativity more than degrees and certifications?

Not that I mean that degrees and certifications aren’t important. Basic education degrees are still considered as the eligibility criteria for jobs in companies. Certifications are a badge of your learning in a particular field.

Important to understand that certifications and degrees don’t land you in a high-paying jobs or if you are working for yourself, get you high-paying clients.

You may not have the privilege that a few marketers have, who start their digital marketing career after MBA and land a job where they can learn the in and outs of this field.

As all Digital Marketing Enthusiasts are not MBAs. Some of us are just graduates looking for career opportunities in high-growth fields with potential to make us rich. Isn’t it?

Who is a Digital Marketer?

Put simply, a Digital Marketer is someone who leverages digital channels to help grow a business by generating quality leads, bring sales, or build brand awareness.

A Digital Marketers uses various digital channels to achieve the objectives. The channels can be defined through a frameworks known as P.O.E.M.

POEM stands for Paid, Owned, Earned Media channels.

  • Paid AD networks like Google, Facebook, Quora, Columbia would come under the umbrella of Paid Media channels
  • Owned Media includes own website, blog, social media pages, press releases, etc
  • Earned Media channel means news coverage, testimonials, mentions, etc

A day in the life of a Digital Marketer starts with analyzing numbers to crafting campaign strategies to creating right content to implementing correct tracking mechanism to understanding user behavior, & much more. A day in the life of a digital marketer is anything but boring.

But don’t forget Digital Marketing is just a channel of Marketing…

If you want to become the best Digital Marketer, you would do well if you master the basics of Marketing.

In fact, digital marketing is one of the highest paying careers in the industry.

Digital Marketers Salary

Do you know a Digital Marketer earn on an average a salary of Rs. 4,00,000 to Rs. 18,00,000? However, these are average salary numbers. If you are highly-skilled and experienced, dedicated to grow your skill-sets, you can earn much more than this. There is no cap to your earning capabilities once you equip yourself with the right knowledge and attitude.

To build strong digital marketing career path, it is important to look at the core skills required for Digital Marketers.

Building core skills help you grow fast and differentiate you from the rest. The key skills for a digital marketer are:

  • Ability to multitask
  • Curiosity to learn
  • Analytical mindset
  • Sales skills
  • Copywriting
  • Basic design skills
  • Basic Coding skills
  • Communication, Listening, & Connecting

Developing these core skills are absolutely essentials in your digital marketing career growth. If you are ambitious and dedicatedly work to build your skills, no one would be able to stop you from becoming the part of the Top 1% of the Digital Marketers in the world.

Till now we have discussed about Digital Marketing as a career opportunity, who is a digital marketer, a day in the life of a digital marketer and the core skills that digital marketers need to build.

Let us now discuss the steps to start a career in digital marketing.

How to pursue a career in Digital Marketing?

1. Read Books on Marketing

A good marketers reads a lot. If you want to grow as a marketer, nothing like reading books on marketing, including digital marketing. Some of the best books on digital marketing will help you grow your knowledge of various marketing channels, strategies, tactics, consumer psychology, & more.

Read about the best books on digital marketing in 2020.

2. Join a Course

A course is nothing but an organized way to learn the subject and gain the right knowledge without getting overwhelmed. There are 1000s of courses available on the internet. To start with, you can invest in a basic digital marketing course that gives you the right learning framework and grasp the basic in the 2-3 months time.

It is important to understand that your growth as a marketer would require you to make investments in your learning and development. If you can’t afford to invest in a course but you are determined to learn and build your skills, there is no need to make investments right away.

You can get high-quality content on Youtube, Blogs to help you develop your skills in digital marketing. Just try to not get overwhelmed as there is no organized filter to content on the internet.

3. Read Blogs

Some of the best people in Digital Marketing Industry freely share their experiences and knowledge with their followers on blogs. These blogs should be your go-to source for updates, latest trends, strategies , & more.

Some of the best blogs for Digital Marketers are:

Start following these blogs for regular updates and include them in your daily reading list.

4. Start a Blog

There is nothing like start your own blog. The best learning comes when you practice what you learn and solve various challenges on the way. Starting a blog will let you experience the practical set-up for SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Ads (if you do Ads to get traffic), lead magnets to build email list, Email marketing, etc.

A blog will also works as a proof of your learnings and would help you land a role in your dream job much sooner than otherwise.

To start a blog, learn about wordpress. It is the best platform for bloggers.

5. Work for Free

This may sound a bit weird but let me explain this. Work for free till you gain confident on your skills. As you learn Digital Marketing, it would be important for you to expose yourself to a practical learning environment. You can work for free in a startup, or get a internship in a marketing agency. You can also ask your friends, or family to let you help them in bring their business online and grow their business.

This will help you experience what Digital Marketing is like, how to service clients, how to build marketing strategies, build and gain confidence on your skills and get much needed practical experience to take a giant leap as a marketer in the near future.

6. Network

Networking with a group of Digital Marketers has many positives. First, you will exposed to different experiences of various people in this industry. Second, it would help you build connections with people working at various companies or agencies, your probability of landing a role through referrals would increase. Last but not the least, you would get buddies to clear your queries if you get stuck somewhere.

Networking has immense value and sooner you realize that better it is for you.

7. Apply for Jobs

Once you develop basic skill-sets and gain confidence on your knowledge, you should start applying for jobs in companies or marketing agencies.

Start looking at JDs to understand the key skills required for the jobs. Develop your profile according to those skills and build your responses to the most asked interview questions before you go for an interview.

Don’t fear rejections ever.

You are learning and learning has no rejections.


These are the steps to start your career in digital marketing. Pursue your learning journey with a positive mindset. You may want to land a job or start your own digital marketing business, but, whatever you do, make it a point to follow a process that works for you. There would be tons of tips, tricks, ways to start your career in digital marketing, but you need to find what works for you and go ahead and work with complete dedication to achieve your goals. Best of luck!!

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