“Never stop learning; for when we stop learning, we stop growing.” — Loyal ‘Jack’ Lewman

This quote perfectly sums up my reason for attending this webinar on December 7th, Saturday evening.

The story starts with my mentor, Deepak Kanakaraju, sending an email a few days before this webinar about launching his first Digital Marketing Internship Program, where he will personally coach the interns over 12 weeks & give an opportunity to work on live digital marketing projects & assignments.

I have been following Deepak for a year now, and learns through his Digital Marketing content, rich with insights, strategies & experience. I think of Deepak as my mentor in my Digital Marketing learning journey and, secretly wished to work & collaborate with him.

Wishes do come true and when I saw this opportunity, I grabbed it at no time.

I immediately registered for the webinar and attended it on a Saturday evening while traveling in the metro, facing patchy internet but strong resolve to get enrolled for it (it’s a funny story how I attended this webinar but I’ll leave it for some other day )

It is said that the best learning method to learn anything is to learn from people who have been there & done that.

Who better than your mentor & India’s Top Digital Marketing expert to guide you in your journey to become an expert in this field.

Digital Marketing is a dynamic subject in an ever-changing market landscape, this means you have to be on your toes & give priority to learning every single day.

With LEARNING comes IDEAS; and with IDEAS, you can CHANGE THE WORLD

The Learning Mindset (Source: Giphy)

To help you all in your learning growth, I’ll be sharing my learnings every week during this course on Medium.

To begin this learning initiative, here, I am sharing with you the Top 3 Things That I Learnt from the first session of the Digital Marketing Internship Course, live with Deepak:

1. Finding the Gold

As marketers, we need to understand the market and decide where to compete. This principle works both from personal branding and product/service branding point of view. Finding an area where there is a sizable demand or future demand potential but low competition is half the job done.

“Deciding where to compete is half your success” perfectly defines the principle.

But how to FIND THE GOLD?

Before we talk about the ways for finding the niche, let’s talk about a few important points we need to remember as Digital Marketers:

The Ever-Expanding Market

Market needs are always expanding as solutions to needs give rise to new needs. Each market has a niche available where you can create your products/services. If the niche is saturated, break your niche further down and identify opportunities in sub-niches.

The idea is to find an area where you can create your brand and generate wealth.

For Eg. Digital Marketing >SEO>SEO for ecommerce

Identifying a niche and gaining an expertise in that area is a sure-shot way to earn success.

Communicate Well

Effective communication with your audience will define your success. After identifying your niche & it’s associated needs, it is your communication skill that will differentiate you from the rest. As a Marketer, this is THE most important skill to practice & master.

All tools & channels have no relevance if you are not focusing on what to communicate & how to communicate your message.

For eg. Knowing how to run Facebook Ads doesn’t matter if your campaign doesn’t have the right message and strategy to communicate it to the users.

If you feel that your communication skill is not strong, there are easy ways to master communication, i.e

Be A Marketer First

Digital, TV, Print are all channels to communicate with the users. Channel can change as the user moves from one medium to another, however, the principles of Marketing remain constant.

Marketing is governed by human psychology & gaining an understanding of human psychology will make you a true & valuable marketer.

As the users are moving to digital channels, Digital Marketing is the hottest sector where you will want to be, however, don’t forget to hone your skills and knowledge as Marketers first.

So, let’s now get back to the our earlier question:


  • Find your passion, match it with your talent & look for profitable market opportunities
  • Identify a niche that has the potential to generate wealth for you
  • Get better in your chosen niche and become the best in the industry
  • Last but not least — make sure you enjoy the work you do

The Riches Are In The Niches

But How to Find Your Passion?

  • Begin by looking at your areas of interest
  • Look at the problems people are facing or problem you are facing but there are no solutions available, which in other words is like saying, “scratch your own itch”
  • Look at the problems you have solved but there are no solution available in the market for the same problem. For eg, Amazon Web Services was borne out of the problems Amazon solved for itself.

2. Learn How Integrated Digital Marketing Works

Integrated Digital Marketing is a way to get your content visible to your users on different platforms so that they engage with the content & see the message you want to convey.

All integrated Digital Marketing campaigns have an end objective, which can be — Sales, Website Traffic or Awareness

But do you need to learn how Integrated Digital Marketing works?

We recently talked about building your expertise in one niche & generate wealth, then, why are we talking about learning HOW Integrated Digital Marketing works?

It is simply because building your skill in one area is recommended, but it is also recommended for Digital Marketers to understand how Integrated Digital Marketing campaigns run and what is their role in these campaigns.

This is the foundation of T-Shaped Marketers. More on this in my next post.

3. Market Research

Market research is the key to success in any field you work in.

Market research helps you to find problems in the market, competition tactics, & future trends in your industry

Digital marketing journey of most brand starts with content marketing. Videos, Blogs, Infographics are some of the important content marketing formats.

To create content, you need to start with 2 types of research:

  • Keyword Research:- Identify queries users are raising and the solutions available on the internet. Through keywords, you can identify opportunities with medium or low competition & potential to gain visibility organically and inorganically.
  • Competition research:- Competition research enables with insights about the strengths & weakness of your competitors and opportunites you can leverage to achieve your objectives.

There are various tools available to do research. Some of the research tools you can use are:- Moz, Ubersuggest, SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner, Keywordtool.io, Google Trends, etc

These are the Top 3 Things I learnt from this session and I hope, through this article, I have been able to give you some understanding of the content you will see in the future posts.

In my future posts, I will delve into details about each concept & believe that I would be able to add value to you.

If you do like the content and wish to learn Digital Marketing with me as I go through the Internship course, you can follow me on Medium.

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